Jesus, Take the Wheel! – Lessons from the Book of Daniel

The chapter this week is quite long, but I encourage you to read it. As we look at the second chapter of Daniel this week, I want you to read this considering an impossible trial you may be facing. Are you facing redundancy, your house being repossessed, re-sitting a failed exam, lots of debt, health issues with no sign of a cure, or any other impossible situation? Think of that thing as we go through the next Life Lesson in Daniel.

Background to Daniel 2

So the King of Babylon had this crazy dream and wants to know what it means. So he calls on his “diviners, mediums, sorcerers and Chaldeans (Babylonian wise men)” to not only interpret the dream, but tell him what he dreamt. This was an impossible task: how can someone know what you’ve dreamt? Despite how unrealistic request, if they didn’t do it, they would die. Obviously, they couldn’t deliver. The king was angry and decided ALL the wise men would be killed… including Daniel and his friends. As the commander of the king’s guard started rounding up the wise men, Daniel wanted to find out why the king had ordered something so harsh. Once he knew, he went to the king and asked that he have some time to meet the king’s request. He then went back to his house, met with his friends and:

Daniel [urged] them to ask the God of heaven for mercy concerning the mystery, so Daniel and his friends would not be killed… the mystery was then revealed to Daniel in a vision at night, and Daniel praised the God of heaven… (Daniel 2:17-19)

Daniel goes before the king, tells him the dream, gives him the interpretation and his promoted to Ruler over the entire Province of Babylon and Chief Governor over all wise men of Babylon. His 3 friends were also promoted, at Daniel’s request.

Life application

When I first moved to London, I had to find work but was unable to for months! I had no money and it was hard. On my way to an interview one day, I got on a bus without a valid bus pass because I couldn’t afford it. In those days, London had “Bendy Buses” allowing people to jump on and off with ease. They also meant Inspectors coming on buses randomly to check tickets. They got on my bus. I was petrified: no pass meant a fine and I couldn’t afford that! I managed to sneak off the bus, but I was still a far distance from my interview. I started walking towards the interview, wanting to turn around and just go home. But, I kept walking forward, tears in my eyes, feeling tired, thirsty and defeated, praying to God. Long story short: I got to the interview and got the job!

You may be going through a lot worse. What can you do in your situation? Here are 4 things we can learn from Daniel’s response to his impending death:  

  1. PRAY! Seek God. Daniel 2:28 says: “BUT, there is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries….”. This is the God we serve. Do you know Him?
  2. BE OPEN to what God wants to say to you about your situation and what He may be asking of you.
  3. WORSHIP HIM and give thanks for revealing those mysteries to you. Don’t complain or ask why me. 
  4. BLESS SOMEONE ELSE. Your life is a testimony. Share it accordingly. You never know who you may be able to help. Don’t keep your promotion to yourself. Remember you family and friends.

May the God of heaven reveal mysteries to you this week!

**If you are going through a particularly rough situation don’t bottle it up! Find someone trustworthy to talk to. For help and advice, email: **


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